Classes are taught at Dance Visions (DV) , Zohar Dance Studio,  Dance Studio L-6, or Dance studio G6.  All studios are located at Cubberley Center in Palo Alto. There are no registration fees.  Participant may attend in person. email (preferably) or call in advance if you need more information  call or text 650-681-7597

Due to COVID-19 pandemic fees are now only for Private lessons or semiprivate lessons and grouo zoom lessons. 

Private lessons: $90 in a huge studio, 15 feet apart from the teacher.

Semiprivate 2 participants only (15 feet apart) $75 for one-hour lesson. Zoom lessons are $20 per session (1.5 h).  $45 for groups of 3 to 4 per lesson in studio.

You can pay via paypal  (choose personal use and send money to friends to avoid transfer fees). Payments must be done on the first day of classes and monthly.

ADULTS: The fee per adult class is $20 only  when purchased as a series of 4, 8 or 10 classes a month. Otherwise, classes are $25, which is the drop-in fee.  Cards expire after 5, 10 and 12 weeks respectively. 

Classes must be paid before class begin. Children and teen classes have a monthly tuition due at the beginning of the  month.

Ballet for girls and teens:  Tuition is paid in full at the beginning of the month and it is considered late after the 10th of the month. A $25 fee applies to late tuition.  Monthly tuition is a payment based on the number of classes offered per month. To calculate your monthly tuition please multiply the number of classes offered in that month in your child's class and multiply the number of classes offered times $20 (zoom classes too) .

 Missed classes due to illness or personal vacation outside of the regular school holidays can be made up by taking availableclasses. It is not possible to discount tuition due to illness or travel absences or any kind of absence during the school year.

 Missed classes for ballet for 5 to 6 years old due to illness can'not be made up.  (See below schedule for making up classes).**

Teens and kids classes: No fees can be deducted without the aproval of the teacher durig te school year from the initial monthly tuition for additional vacations, conflicting activities, or illness. Tuition is always based on the number of classes offered. Classes cancelled by the instructor will be credited. Holidays are excluded from tuition. Make up classes are available for absences due to illness.

Classes that fall on official holidays in the Palo Alto school calendar are never charged. These include: Spring Break, Thanksgiving week, Christmas or Winter break (Exceptions may apply).


The 6-8 year old Pre-Ballet group pays $80 a month for 4 classes. I can't offer make up lessons for this group when classes are missed due to other activities or illness.

Ballet I   Kids who are experimenting if they like ballet and they take one class a week only $80 a month for 4 classes a month, if there is a fifth class that month, then tuition is adjusted to $100.

Ballet II (2 classes a week) for 9 and up  the basic rate is $160 per month (for 8 classes a month, additional classes are $20 if there are more than 8 classes a month)

Three classes a month: $220  (add $20 for additional classes a month).

Private lessons

60 minute private lesson is $90 

Missed Teen Classes**​

Teens who are absent can make up classes on Tuesdays 5:30 PM-7:30PM or Fridays at 5:30-7:30. PM  Classes via zoom can be credited. Making up classes is the only option for students who miss class due to illness or personal reasons. Tuition is paid in full during the school calendar at the beginning of the month. School vacations and holidays are not charged. However,  missed classes during the school calendar must be paid as part of the monthly tuition with opportunity to make up missed classes.

Teens 12 and up are encourage to attend twice a week.

You can pay via   PLEASE CHOOSE PERSONAL USE AND SEND MONEY TO FRIENDS/FAMILY Pay pal is use as a convenient service for you,

Please email or text 650-681-7597 to register.

** There are no make up classes for children 5-8 for now.

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