Vaganova Ballet

No matter what type of dancing you enjoy,  all dancers can improve their strength, flexibility, and body control through Ballet technique.  The Vaganova Ballet classes taught by Vicky Brey address the needs of dancers who love the art of ballet, contemporary dance and enjoy to perform for an audience.


Vaganova Ballet is a technique that was developed in Russia and it has produced among the finest dancers in the world such as Valdimir Malakhov, Zveltana Zakharova,  Rudolf Nureyev , and  Mikahil Barishnikov. Vicky combines elements of the Vaganova ballet technique with contemporary dance to help adult dancers and teens  reach and maintain their top shape.  


These classes based on Vaganova Ballet technique offer the dancer new insights in controlling and moving their bodies to reach their maximum potential in a friendly, non-competitive environment.  The adult and young adult classes are taught at a beginner and intermediate/Advance level.  Please refer to our schedule.  Performing on pointe is a goal for many of our young students. Vicky also coaches at a semi-professional level. 

 Older dancers and beginner dancers also enjoy coming to class to maintain their top shape.  Some classes offer the opportunities for participating in choreography and an optional performing group for the more advance dancers. 

Vicky is 56 and continues to be in top shape as a dancer for her age group.  Her many years of experience as a dancer and teacher has allowed her to teach many dancers how to improve their technique and dance ability.